Please note that we are in the midst of an organizational name change to better represent what we do and where we do it.  Our new name is the Legion of Frontiersmen Disaster Management Group.  Because our corporate name (Legion of Frontiersmen in the United States) appears on many pages online and in many documents, please bear with us as the change is made.

The Legion of Frontiersmen Disaster Management Group is a non-sectarian, all volunteer, membership based organization, and provides its services to voluntary and governmental organizations with disaster response roles at no charge (see our statement of Who We Are). We are an affiliate of Countess Mountbatten's Own Legion of Frontiersmen, an international public service organization founded in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. The vision of Roger Pocock, its founder, was that the Legion would be outriders of the British Empire, composed of hardy frontiersmen who could gather information and alert the British government to threats to the empire. Pocock's original vision has shaped the Disaster Management Group's current mission, gathering and disseminating information to support response to and recovery from disasters and major emergencies globally. We perform this mission through The Virtual Emergency Operations Center.

Membership is open without regard to geographical location, and we can support recognized disaster response organizations in English-speaking countries. We operate using National Incident Management System Incident Command System organization and principles. All of our services are Internet based and are provided under signed letters of agreement with the organizations we support.

The Legion of Frontiersmen Disaster Management group is a member organization of the Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active In Disaster and actively supports the core principles of the VOAD movement: Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.

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